Dollar's Mood (Featuring Hugh Masekela)

Dollar's Moods (Featuring Hugh Masekela)
Dollar's Mood, with the help of Hugh Masekela, was recorded in the early 1960s by the first South African band, "The Epistles".  The recording was destined for greater success until the Sharpeville massacre,  an event which occurred on 21 March 1960, at the police station in the South African township of Sharpeville in Transvaal.
As a result of the incident, the Government of South Africa declared that people could no longer gather in more than ten people at a time and as a consequence, all tours and concerts were canceled. resulting in the disbanding of the band. 
Dollar's Moods-The Jazz Epistles

Hugh Masekela, soon after, in 1961, left South Africa and came to the United States where he enjoyed tremendous success during the following years. Back To Hugh Masekela


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