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Boz Scaggs - King Of El Paso

Boz Scaggs - Singer,Guitar Player
Boz Scaggs, singer,guitar player, recorded the CD "Digg", where you will find "King Of El Paso", in 2001. That year, I stopped in a small record shop on "Little Five Points" in Atlanta Ga. Not looking for any piece, in particular, I happened to spot the label in the rack.

 Being of the African American persuasion, I suppose I wondered if "Dirty Lowdown" was on it. The price, I think, was around eight bucks. Why not? I needed something to listen to on the train anyway. The first cut, "Get On The Natch" was hilarious.

It was about couch potatoes who spent their time eating chips and growing horizontally. "Good God Bernice".

Scaggs changes the mood with "Thanks To You"...

"Thanks to you 
I've got a reason to get outta bed 
make a move or two 
Thanks to you There's a net below cause otherwise 
well I don't know. Thanks to you
 There are promises of laughs and loves and labyrinths 
And reason to suspect that I'm meant for this 
A smile a song a tender kiss Thanks to you"

Boz Scaggs - Dig - Limited Editon Hard Cover       

"Thank You" is a song I would recommend to anybody who wants the right words to say how you feel about that very, very special one.

There are no "also included songs" on the "Dig" CD. Boz Scaggs has on this collection, a listening pleasure in overdrive.


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